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Strategic Scientific Consulting is an international network of experienced professionals who enjoy working with research organisations, individuals and small companies and get a kick out of seeing our clients embrace the importance of marketing, of sales and of developing products and services that the market actually wants.

The concept is not to embed ourselves in your organisation but to be there when required to provide support and guidance and to bridge the gap between idea, start-up and being able to successfully move forward as a confident company.

We believe that Commercialisation is a parallel process with Product Development and Organisational Expansion rather than a bolt-on once the R&D work is done. We help to roll out the projects, to ensure that the new commercialisation skills and processes become second nature to your whole organisation.

The main consultants within the organisation have strong backgrounds in sales, marketing and business development gained from working in technology led market areas creating and selling products for niche, high-tech industries. They are generally PhD and MBA educated and have the ability to understand your technology and scientific processes. They understand fully the pressures and stresses of getting product to the market place in a timely fashion and the difficulties in persuading the first key customers to become advocates on your behalf.

This core team is supported by a number of trusted specialist service providers to bring the best to every project with skills including Graphic Design, Web Design & Hosting, and Patenting & IP management.

Starting a business or launching a spin-out is hard, scary and challenging. There are always too many tasks to do and too few people to do them. SSC is a great partner to help to get you on the right path.
Dr Cait Murray, CEO of SSC in the UK is the founder of Strategic  Scientific Consulting. A research scientist who has moved through product development, sales and business development roles working in software companies providing decision support solutions for drug discovery and informatics. She has also worked as a Commercialisation Manager working with public sector scientists as they engaged with innovation within Environmental and Earth Sciences Within SSC she specialises in helping companies find their business opportunities and expanding their networks through providing market research assessments, coaching scientists to develop their business skills, creating business plans, writing funding applications and assisting with direct sales.
Dr Anna-Marja Hoffrén, MD of SSC FI, is a widely experienced PhD scientist with lecturer qualification and business development education and has worked at Life Sciences companies and in the Environmental Science sector through academic research institutes. Her experience has been gained over 25 years’ of working in business development, innovation management, consulting, pharmaceutical research and in marketing and sales. She is especially interested in business development, coaching/training and commercialisation of innovative technologies.
Bill Barnett is a widely experienced Chartered Manager, Qualified Paralegal, Accredited Civil & Commercial Mediator and LEAN/6 Sigma Green Belt. This experience has been gained over 20 years' of providing support to Researchers across a range of activities including: project management; IP management; negotiation and drafting of contracts and agreements; company set-up, structure and compliance; and process improvement/change management. He has a particular interest in the commercialisation of IP, having successfully delivered two spin-outs, four start-ups and a number of licence deals. Bill is a Member of the Institute of Knowledge Transfer, and an Associate of the European Knowledge & Technology Transfer Society
Sheila Ash has specialism in informatics and Life Sciences, in customer focussed product development and in team development. Her career has stretched from research beginnings in Plant Science to Economic Development for some of the most disadvantaged areas of the world through her roles with VSO. This has enabled her to share and teach her entrepreneurial skills and knowledge to form business in some of the most challenging of environments.
Andrew King brings global level experience from the joint world of IT and software where he has successfully arranged collaborations and deals with multinational companies. Andrew  has over 35 years' experience in the IT and imaging industries, where he has had extensive experience in sales roles and business development creating successful business with rapid growth and expansion. Alongside this he has vast experiences in teaching and coaching : He has been a teacher of IT and provided coaching and adult training for many years
Emily Medland, is SSC's training co-ordinator working with organisations and companies to perfect the design and execution of their training courses. She has many years of experience from NERC (Natural Environment Research Council) and from working with the Environmental Sciences section for the Young Enterpreneur Scheme. 
The team are joined by other partner organisations that can provide expert help in such areas as Graphic Design, Web Design and Patenting to complement the knowledge of the core SSC team.


Logos, corporate branding and the integration of all the marketing materials look and feel is essential in providing a platform for establishing a professional and memorable company image. We are proud to provide this for both SSC and for their clients when requested

Christina Eisner, Art-Director, cesign, Linz, Austria 

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